Vimeo Makes AI Video Production Easier: Unleash Your Creativity!

Vimeo Makes AI Video Production Easier Unleash Your Creativity

Vimeo has introduced three new AI features to simplify video production: AI Script Generator, AI Teleprompter, and AI Video Editor. These features will help save time and create more professional content through every stage of video production, from planning to editing. AI Script Generator: This feature uses artificial intelligence to create a script draft for […]

Is AI Voiceover Taking Over Voiceover Market?


Many companies receive voiceover services from voice actors or studios for their needs in different fields such as voiceover for advertisement, promotional films, dubbing, various educations, and many more. However, voiceover services are often costly and require time to be delivered. Digital transformation provides us with practical solutions in almost every aspect of our lives. Voiceover services is one of these areas. AI voiceover, or artificial intelligence voiceover, […]

What is Articulate: Teach, Learn and Discover

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Developing technology is changing the ordinary and leaving its place to what is current and trendy. Articulate, which aims at lifelong learning, puts aside the classical education approach such as face-to-face education and keeps up with the needs of the age, carries the individual’s learning process to the online platform. Articulate, a worldwide used digital […]

Free Corporate Software? Are you sure?

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Free Corporate Software? Are you sure? In the market, you can see many open-source software providers that are trying to gain an advantage by being “free”. Actually, it is misleading to assert that these software programs are free. Why do people need software? Of course, to make extensive use of it while doing their business. […]

Integrated innovative e-learning platform with your identity

Integrated innovative e learning platform with your identity

Our product, VEDUBOX ONLINE LEARNING AND COMMUNICATION PLATFORM, perfectly solves, without any investment from clients side, their LMS, training, meeting and webinar needs as integrated single platform. VEDUBOX gives distance learning platform services as white label (as your identity) which is your company name and logo your just shown. You can get advantages of integrated […]