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Online Event Management

Our support team provides technical management of your digital corporate events such as meetings and conferences in online channels.

System definitions before the event, training to the institution personnel and speakers, pre-rehearsal, technical support during the event, and the compilation and delivery of the recordings after the event are the services you can benefit from within the scope of Event Management.

Online Event Management Features

The Event Management Service, which can be shaped according to your needs, generally covers the following:

  • Identification of the speakers and translator to the system before the event,
  • Giving a short training if there are institution personnel to support,
  • Organizing an online meeting about the issues to be considered before the event,
  • Starting the session so that the participants can log in at the session time determined for the event,
  • Broadcasting the speakers and panelists as predetermined, controlling their sound and images,
  • Providing technical support during the event,
  • Video recording of the event and delivery after the end of the event
  • Delivery of the report of the people who registered and attended the event.