Vimeo Makes AI Video Production Easier: Unleash Your Creativity!

Vimeo Makes AI Video Production Easier Unleash Your Creativity

Vimeo has introduced three new AI features to simplify video production: AI Script Generator, AI Teleprompter, and AI Video Editor. These features will help save time and create more professional content through every stage of video production, from planning to editing. AI Script Generator: This feature uses artificial intelligence to create a script draft for […]

E-Learning Trends for 2024!


The education industry has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, and e-learning has revolutionized the way we learn and acquire knowledge. E-learning, or electronic learning, refers to the use of digital technologies to deliver educational content and programs. It has become increasingly popular due to its flexibility, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. By understanding and internalizing […]

New Features of Vyond 2023

New Features of Vyond 2023

Vyond; with the new version of 2023, offers a more functional use for producing faster video content and at the corporate level. Let’s take a look at these features together.   Global Search   Vyond’s new global search feature will help you find the items you need more easily, including items you’ve used on the […]

What’s New in Techsmith Camtasia 2023

What's New in Techsmith Camtasia 2023

Camtasia has added many new and exciting features this year. Are you ready to boost your brand and style with these enhancements. Check out these new additions to create more engaging and creative content! In Camtasia 2023, you can remove your cursor from the screen recording. You’ve probably seen videos on YouTube or some other […]

How can you enrich your E-Learning content with 6 Video Formats?

How can you enrich your E Learning content with 6 Video Formats

In this blog post, we delve into the realm of E-Learning content enrichment through six dynamic video formats. Each format is strategically designed to enhance diverse educational experiences. We explore screen recording videos, which seamlessly guide users through software intricacies, while “how-to” videos elegantly simplify learning via visual demonstrations. We also uncover the potential of […]

What is Vyond animation software used for? Utilizing Vyond for Internal Communication

What is Vyond animation software used for

Vyond offers a versatile platform for creating video content for various purposes, including corporate communication. Crafting videos using Vyond’s pre-designed templates is incredibly straightforward. What is Vyond software used for? Employee Training: Create engaging and interactive training videos using Vyond. You can try out onboarding videos for new colleagues, product training videos, or other training […]

9 Ways to Make Online Corporate Training Fun


Online corporate training increases employee success and improves their skills. Organize fun online training to strengthen in-house communication and information flow. According to research: Since 2011, 80% of employees have benefited from online training. Online corporate training has reduced the time spent on training by 40% to 60%. Online corporate training offers many benefits for […]

How to Make Educational Videos? – Tips for Online Education

Accessibility, which is one of the conveniences introduced by technology to human life, makes us need technology in every field. The rich internet content, which has expanded with the development of web technology, has now become instructive rather than entertaining. The question of ‘how to make educational videos?’ has also been asked more frequently. Currently, […]

What is Articulate: Teach, Learn and Discover

articulate nedir

Developing technology is changing the ordinary and leaving its place to what is current and trendy. Articulate, which aims at lifelong learning, puts aside the classical education approach such as face-to-face education and keeps up with the needs of the age, carries the individual’s learning process to the online platform. Articulate, a worldwide used digital […]

Education Technology Panel


With so much digital transformation, what ecosystem considerations and classroom management tools are needed? Watch our Panel Discussion on how education was impacted in 2020 and how technology can enable teachers and students to partake in a more effective, personalized, and tech-enable learning experience. Click here to register!



Finding out which of the LMS solutions will be the best for your corporate needs is never a walk-in-the-park decision. We know that you’ve got several questions that are unanswered about how to choose the best LMS solution for your business. We know you’re concerned about your business budget and finance. We also understand that […]