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As the reseller of Time Doctor, Bringvision offers sales, marketing, training and support services for Time Doctor.

Easy-to-use time tracking for the whole team. Productivity measuring, off-track alerts, online timesheets, payroll, integrations, and more.

Time Tracking & Employee Monitoring

Track your time and your employees’ time so that you can clearly see what’s done throughout the day. Time Doctor creates a summary of the time spent on each project, client, and task. See how much time employees spend working at the computer vs. away and how long their breaks last. You can manually edit time if needed.

Daily and weekly summary email reports make it easy to analyze patterns. Now it’s easier than ever to track time accurately, bill clients quickly, and pay employees. Time is money, so use our reports to diagnose and treat time-wasting habits. The result? Improved productivity.

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You can easily analyze the productivity of your employees remotely with Time Doctor

Productivity Measuring & Summary Reports

View screenshots of real-time progress, see who’s working on which project, and how they’re spending their workday. In addition, Time Doctor creates daily and weekly summary reports with hours, website and application usage, task and client breakdown, and more.

Employees can view their own time use stats to quickly self-correct any time-wasting behavior. These insights allow you to identify areas of improvement and instantly increase productivity.